How Can We Tell Good From Bad?

In a morally relativist age, it’s fair to ask: What is good? What is bad? C.S. Lewis provides a helpful contrast: “Goodness is, so to speak, itself; badness is only spoiled goodness.” This points us back to Genesis; God’s original creation was ‘very good,’ so there was a spoiling of God’s goodness in the world. […]

What Went Wrong?

If God is perfectly good, and His creation is very good, why is there badness in the world? This “problem of evil” inquiry has taken many forms. One common expression is: Why would a loving, all powerful, God allow evil in the world? The implication is that God is either not loving or not all […]

God’s Creation is Very Good

God’s Creation is Very Good The first chapter of the Bible makes clear that God’s goodness saturates creation at its original formation. God’s account emphasizes the goodness of his creation six times, punctuating each day of his creative work. At the end of His creative account, He looks upon his creation and declares ‘it is […]

God is Good

What is the ultimate source of goodness in the universe? “In the beginning God…” According to Scripture, God predates the universe. In fact, He predates all space, matter, and even time itself. So, before we examine goodness in our world, let’s explore the goodness of God. What does God’s own letter to us say about […]